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Need a Web Designer in Wymondham

AFM Web Design can provide you with a website that works for you helping to attract new customers in and around Wymondham. Why should you bother with a website? Well, here are a few reasons...

Websites are a Great Equalizer!

The Internet provides equal access to its users, whether you are a small startup business or a large corporation. Everyone gets the same amount of screen space, and the most important factor is the image your website projects about you. A well designed website costing a few hundred pounds can make a better impression than a poorly designed website costing millions.

Surveys have shown that most small business and organisations do not yet have websites so having an Internet presence puts you a step above the rest. This could be the edge you need to beat your competitors in Wymondham.

A low cost impact that lasts

When you pay for a more traditional form of advertising such as leaflets or magazine adverts you have to renew the advert regularly to produce an ongoing effect. The initial cost of a website may be higher but the ongoing costs are much lower. Also, if you make a change such as a new phone number you don't have to scrap entire batches of printed material.

Free advertising

One of the greatest features of the Internet is the ability to link to other websites and more importantly, have them link to yours. This allows customers to find your website through multiple channels, increases the potential traffic to your site and can even provide free advertising for your business or organisation. Links from other Wymondham websites offering complementary services allow you to help each other grow.

Supplement your current advertising

Having a website is a great way to supplement your current advertising. By displaying your Internet address in other forms of advertising media you let your customers know exactly where they can go to get more information about your business, services or products.

Your Clients Expect It

With over 400 million users worldwide, the Internet is getting more publicity every year. As public awareness increases people expect even small companies and organisations to have websites.


Selling your products online gives you access to a huge potential market and setting up an e-commerce website has never been easier. With a website your products, services and information become available to anyone with Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are now no limits to when people can shop.

Good for the Environment

In a world where our natural resources are a major concern, the Internet is becoming a constant and recyclable resource. Every business that uses the Internet for marketing, advertising and commerce helps alleviate the need for printed information and advertising, in turn conserving the energy and resources it takes to print those materials and helping to keep Wymondham clean and green.


Why not talk to AFM about how we can make your website work for you. We are always happy to talk to new clients at our office or we can come to you in Wymondham if you wish.

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